While Americans Lose Jobs, Elaine Campaigns for Hubby Mitch

In the month of September, the United States lost an additional 159,000 jobs, with 9.5 million Americans being out of work. Combined with the collapse of our financial markets and increased economic uncertainty, you’d think Elaine Chao might be spending her last months on the job working to ensure that those who are laid off can find new jobs and receive assistance. Instead, she’s barnstorming Kentucky in an effort to help her husband, Senator Mitch McConnell, hang on to his hotly-contested Senate seat. In the last week alone, she’s made two campaign stops at opposite ends of the state. According to the press:

On Saturday, October 4th:

Sen. Mitch McConnell made a campaign stop in Georgetown on Saturday evening and warned supporters against voting for his opponent, Bruce Lunsford.

“If I were replaced by a freshman, Kentucky would have a severe loss in clout in the Senate,” McConnell said while meeting supporters at the Scott County Republican Party headquarters.

McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, U.S. Labor Secretary, who called the senator her soul mate and roommate, shook hands and thanked supporters before riding in the Toyota Grand Parade of Horses.

On Monday, October 6th:

U.S Labor Secretary Elaine Chao spoke in London Monday, asking Laurel Countians to support the “entrepreneurial spirit” of America as well as her husband, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Chao spoke during the London-Laurel Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business dinner Monday evening, sharing a little about her life story – from arriving in America as part of a cargo ship, to becoming the nation’s 24th Secretary of Labor.

She also attended a meet and greet reception at the north London Hampton Inn hosted by the Laurel County Republican Party, where she talked about McConnell’s reelection campaign and the presidential race.

“This is going to be a tough, tough season for Republicans,” she told the crowd, “and I think when you are talking with your various friends and neighbors, and they want change, we need to ask them, ‘what kind of change are you talking about? What kind of change do you want?’… We need to be very careful that we’re actually opting for the right kind of change.”

America’s workers want change, and it starts with a Secretary of Labor who actually does his or her job. Elaine’s partisan and personal priorities couldn’t be any clearer.

How I Chose the Best New Jersey Modular Homes Manufacturer

Deciding on the right manufacturer to build your modular home is as important as picking the right home, or choosing where to build it. Considering how expensive buying such a home can be, it’s very important as a buyer that you do your research thoroughly before making that final decision. You certainly don’t want to end up with a poorly built house that will be easily destroyed when another Hurricane Sandy strikes. To help you pick the best New Jersey modular homes manufacturer, here are some important questions you need to ask yourself.

Are They Able to Build the Type of Home You Want?

An important point to consider when choosing a manufacturer is whether they can create the type of house you want. Most manufacturers usually have some standard plans for you to choose from. The plans are for different home styles such as, ranch, colonial, mansion, and chalet among others.

Note that a majority of standard manufacturers do not build modern homes. Similarly, many modern manufacturers exclusively create modern homes. So, it’s crucial that you find out the type of homes a manufacturer specializes in. If you’re keen on reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills, look specifically for companies that deal exclusively with construction of green modular homes.

Where Are They Located?

look for contractors that have done business in your neck of the woodsThe manufacturer’s location is also very important to consider. Some big companies have up to 10 factories, operating throughout the US, and abroad, while others have only one or two factories at most, operating only in the US. It’s important that you pick a manufacturer whose factory is located near you. Why? Because, you’ll be able to tour the factory easily, to see the processes involved in building your dream home. Secondly, short distance means reduced cost of delivering your home.

Can They Create a Custom Home from Scratch?

Though all modular manufacturers permit you to make changes to their plans to suit your needs, not all can help you build a custom home from scratch. That why it is important that you need to choose a company with experienced architects, who can help you design a new custom plan, if you don’t like the ones presented to you.

What About Visiting the Factory?

Taking a tour of the manufacturing facility is a great way to see for yourself exactly how the building process is done, as well as, some of their finished products. To be sure if their homes can stand the test of time, ask to see both their brand new homes, and those that have lasted a couple of years.

Inquire if they have old customers who can show you their homes to enable you make a comparison. Having a first-hand experience on the quality of their products, can help you decide if they are the right manufacturer for you or not.

How Big is the Company?

Size matters when choosing a manufacturing company for your modular home. Choosing large manufacturers have two main benefits. First, they have a higher bargaining power to be given bigger discounts from their corporate partners. That reduces their cost of construction materials, which translates to slightly lower costs of buying a house. Secondly, they can assist you with other home-building aspects that are not related directly to their work. For instance, some manufacturers have partnered with banks, which can help you a good mortgage. Others can recommend local builders who can finish up your house once it’s delivered.

On the other hand, smaller manufacturers tend to pay more attention to their client’s needs, as their customers purchases contribute to a bigger percentage of their annual revenue. So, if you make your order from a small manufacturer, you can be sure that they will do everything possible to create a home that you’ll love. However, that does not mean that bigger firms don’t pay attention to smaller details; they do, but not as much as smaller firms.

Which Brands Do They Partner With?

Some manufacturing companies of modular homes have a couple of partnerships with various appliance companies. That means that your doors and windows are provided by one company, and kitchen appliances by another. Most, however, have partnered with just one appliance company who provide all the appliances you need. To avoid spending extra money on appliances that you prefer, choose a manufacturer whose partners have quality products.

Overall, having a beautiful modular home that will stand the test of time, starts with choosing the best manufacturer. The above tips should help you find the right company to build your dream home.

Modular new construction Monmouth county N.J.

Housing has always been a nightmare to governments and individuals alike. The need to find a roof on the head always arises, year in year out among the masses. Given the intensive capital required to set up a structure, people are constantly looking for innovative ways to solve this problem. One such alternative is the modular home.

Demystifying modular

Huh? It may sound funny, but it’s an important concept that may be a part of your life very soon. Most folks view a house as a brick and motor structure. Ancient structures have conformed to this architectural benchmark; however, there is a remarkable shift in the present day and age.

factory workers building modular homes in northern jersey

Modular houses, are modern solutions to the problem of never-ending natural disasters and offer the quickest solution to all housing needs. They have the unique distinction of an incredibly short assembly time compared to conventional houses. For those would be home owners especially in rural areas, who lack on site construction materials, could count on the convenience of assembling on site modular houses. This is partly, due to the advantage of the ready assembly of material upon transportation to site.

While one would have to go to the normal hassles of getting a worthy contractor to accomplish the task, when trying to put up a conventional house, this headache is eliminated in modular houses. They already have well trained and credited assembly contractors who tend to deliver the best service to clients. Forget the numerous referrals, or catalog listings that one needs to grasp with while seeking the perfect workman for a conventional house, modular houses are less stressful.

Working within the law

However, the need to have the knowledge of respective jurisdictions, zoning rules and regulations is prudent for all contractors working on new construction in Monmouth County N.J. While a general need to know the respective regions rule is important, it is equally important to know that most states still categorize modular houses with mobile housing and still suffer from the misconception of being structurally inferior to conventional houses.

However, scientific findings differ with this school of thought. A survey of modular houses Vis-a-vis their conventional counterparts in hurricane prone areas, showed remarkable performance in the former. However, regulators insist on bracing to reinforce the modular houses for stability among other things.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of a shelter lies in its aesthetic value. Well-designed houses that are eye catching often attract more interest compared to certain designs considered drab. For that design lover, modular houses offer the perfect choice. A prospective home owner can have their house customized by the factory line to their specifics. One flattering fact is that when the regular people were asked to distinguish between a conventional house and modular house, upon being subjected to viewing both, they seemed not to notice any difference.

Expensive? Nope.

The biggest worry for any home owner is financing the entire venture. Lending and borrowing has been the major financing source for construction of houses. However, the good news is modular houses offer a cheaper alternative. This is owed in part due to their utilization of less, construction material, use of few workmen. This drastically reduces costs and the up side is the willingness of banks and other lending institutions to fund such a process.

The biggest worry for most would be home owners are the strength. Findings indicate that, while transportation may be result to decreased strength owing to other factors, there is still a 3% reduction in strength in rebuilt modular houses. This is the case where a modular house is brought down and rebuilt again and still guarantees the perfect strength. FEMA studies, if they’re anything to go by, indicate that modular structures are strong. Hurricane Andrew is one of such yardstick of the strength of modular houses, given the remarkable and formidable performance of the houses.

Unlike the conventional houses that cannot be brought down and rebuilt, one has the luxury of taking down an entire structure and transferring the house to another site in Monmouth County and builds it.

The best advantage attributed to the modular homes is the high standard and quality .This is effected by a CE mark. This equally stresses on the manufacturing ethos of the firm. The respective suppliers, raw materials, assembly quality and modular units are audited. This gives a guarantee of the product and further complications in the modular units are kept in check.